FLVR Clothing’s first responsibility is to men and women. As a customer oriented business, FLVR Clothing recognizes that customer satisfaction is the key to success and strives to deliver the highest quality customer service and products. FLVR Clothing supports the success of its community and will conduct its operations to ensure adequate financing and resources necessary to achieve business objectives for future growth. The company will promote and provide a new look for customers, based on style and quality. FLVR Clothing will contribute to the community by attending tradeshows and other events, which help support local businesses in the Thunder Bay region.

Owner Michael Mania-Bond has strong ties in the music and entertainment industry which led to securing several musicians and athletes to wear FLVR. The underlying foundation of FLVR Clothing is based upon versatility. The company name FLVR originated from the word flavour. FLVR will have several different collections geared towards different interests. If music is a specific interest of a certain group of the target audience then FLVR will establish a Music Collection with designs based around the brand image. This strategy can continue to grow the target audience, which will make the FLVR Clothing brand unique and very versatile in products.